I have moulded a little brass vintage Indian goblet for casting in plaster.  (no room to load any more photos)  I also coated some plastic goblets in plaster, the best I could, just in case the cast did not work out.  Good job I did, because the thin leg of the cast goblet did break on removing from the mould.  These plaster goblets will be piled in a corner, as a reference again to the castle and its residents.

Everything is coming together now, the video projection is ready, and set up in the room, although it will not do where I thought it would have gone, because the screen was too small.  It is going to impair a little on the lath structure, but hopefully I can build a box to conceal the laptop and projector.  The threads have taken me days and hours to complete, but I finally feel it is finished.  I need to install a light in the corner of the room, which will throw shadows hopefully of the threads which will link the two structures 25.5 (1) post 25.5 (5) post 25.5 (10) post 25.5 (12) post 25.5 (13) post 25.5 (14) post 25.5 (24) post 25.5 (29)


Second day on the threads, and their starting to look impressive, the colours are amazing, and the whole thing changes in appearance depending where the viewer is standing.  I believe that they work well with the laths which have now become more solid looking, while the threads are lighter looking, causing a conflict and a contrast.

1.6 (12)pre 25.5 1.6 (13)pre 25.5 1.6 (17)pre 25.5 1.6 (23)pre 25.5 1.6 (25)pre 25.5 1.6 (26)pre 25.5 1.6 (31)pre 25.5


My trusted helper, Anna from 2nd Yr BA, has been great today, finally got the pole up – ready for the threads as well as a few hooks, picking up another 200 of these up tomorrow, I guess I’ll have a sore thumb by the end of it….1.6 (2)pre 25.5

1.6 (3)pre 25.5 1.6 (4)pre 25.5 Been trying to place other items such as plinths etc.  I will be displaying the plaster cast of a goblet on these plinths.  This comes from the story of Lady Alice and her etched inscription on the nursery window.

1.6 (9)pre 25.5 Started on the threads at last.



I have prepared the colour sequence of the threads:   images off luned  (1) images off luned  (2)  Its strange how the weaving pattern is noticeable in other things that I have done, such as the knitted cardigan here.

images off luned  (11)

images off luned  (12)

I have now hung the arch with nails, onto the wall.  I couldn’t resist having a little go on using the threads, running them from the arch to the round opening in the wall, and attaching it to the laths.  I don’t like it as much as I thought, not quite what I thought it would look like.  So I decide to leave it until tomorrow, and see how it looks then.

19.5 (2) 19.5 (3)

19.5 (8)

I think the lath work has finished. Very pleased with it.  All I need now is the video projection in the space.


The effect this pattern has on the eyes is great.  The poles in the ceiling are the main problem in this space, therefore, I’ve decided to work with them and incorporate them in the way the laths are displayed in this area, again creating more tension.  I constantly thinking about the semiotics and metaphorical meaning to what is going on in this space and its impact on the audience.  I’m getting great reaction and feedback from people walking through the studio.  The smell of wood is amazing.

031 032 034 035 038


Not sure where to place the arched piece of MDF I made.  I am thinking of fixing it to the wall and then having threads attached to the arch running to the floor and back up, similar to the rays of sunshine shining through a window, something quite spiritual to look at.



10th – 14th May, 2015

The walls and floor of the studio spaces have been painted and everything is clean and fresh.  Decided to start with the laths in the small area of the room.  I really like the way their taking shape, I must confess I didn’t have a plan set in stone with these laths.  I had some idea of what I was aiming for, from my previous playing about.  I love the way they are so flimsy and yet I can weave them together.  I quite like the simplicity of them as well.  I feel I need quite a few more on the walls though.

001 004 006 009  013


Having set out a skeletal framework, I continue by filling in – weaving as I go along.  It gets quite difficult the tighter it gets, some of the lengths of wood start to distort under the tension which is something I have control over.



Finally had the opportunity to ink up the collagraph I had prepared, which is similar to the wallpaper pattern in the Keep of Penrhyn Castle.  Not too keen on the green ink, but like the tonal features of the ones with the red stripe down the left side.  I will frame one of them.

005 006 008 009

20.4.15 – Back to Penrhyn.

Went back to the castle today, with 1st Year’s students.  I wanted to film myself walking up the tower steps – from the ground floor all the way to the roof – a total of 5 floors.  I used a Go-Pro camera strapped to my forehead.  The only problem with using a Go-pro is that you do not see the results of what you have filmed until you have down loaded it onto computer.  The results were not as I had planned.  My head was fixed on where I was going, therefore the camera picked up on the walls of the spiral stair case, whereas I wanted to film the actual steps I was stepping onto.  The sound was good though. By the time I got to the roof I was soooooo out of breath, which could work well in itself.  I also filmed myself walking all the way back down the stairwell.  I would like to be able to overlay these two clips inorder to make the filming a bit more obscure and some conflict in the sounds.  Need to spend some time on premier pro!!


First day back after the Easter Hols, and I finished off the studio/show space, this will work much better now.

427 428


Also my threads have arrived – just waiting for a few more colours.  I have been watching some video clips of Gabriel Dawe at work – (


His work deals with gender and identity in a machismo and masculine world, and tries to subvert this feeling through his fashion background and an architectural style providing a human shelter.




27.3.15 – New Studio Space – 

Decided to remove a few partition walls today.  The space I’ll be working in now has no windows or day light into it, therefore, I wanted to make the space more accessible and less oppressive.  The space was actually three studio spaces made into one space.  I would have liked to remove the whole partition, but was advised not to because of the cost implications of replacing the partition with something more permanent and costly.  The space will, therefore, remain at this stage, which is still much better than what was originally there..


422 423 426


19.3.15 Studio Work

Played around more with nails and threads today.  Made an arch out of gold thread, after the visit to Penrhyn Castle.  There are so many architectural arches in that building.

364 366 367 Preparing this for a print, it has been influenced by the wall paper in Penrhyn Castle.

368 Would like to construct something like this.  I have been looking at the work of Robert Smithson again, and really like the work he did in galleries, completely different to his land art projects I feel, eventhough they are influenced by the same things, such as crystals and rock formations; they seem very refined, clean and purposeful.



369 378 384


17.3.15 – Scaled model of my space.

Made a scaled model of the space I have applied for, for my degree show.

Degree Show – Space allocation –

My work is sculptural and big in structure.  For this reason my work would be better displayed in one of the three sections downstairs.

Section 2 would be ideal, due to its shape – not as square as the other serctions, and the headroom is good here.  But, it I’m going to use projection again Section 1 would be better suited. (By the door, Section 3, will be too overpowering possibly and S.4 is best suited for video work).

001 002

357 358 359

10.3.15  – Lath

Got my delivery of 100 lengths of laths today.  Couldn’t wait to get a few of them onto the wall.  They are not of the traditional oak or larch, but a foreign wood, which will work just as well, if not better, because they come in much longer lengths which will reach from the floor and up the walls in one length which is something I like.  The flexibility of this wood is very good as well, and its only about 2.5mm thick, I could play with this for hours!

257 258 259 260 261 262



Photos of a few drawings and instructions.

002 004


3.3 (1)

I used found ready made boxes that were in the rubbish bucket at the college.  I have been playing with a diagram of a house I used to do when I was a child, it was creating the image of a house, without lifting the pen off the paper.  I used this method with the thread – it took two runs in order to finish off where I started, so I carried on for about four complete runs and I love the way the thread stacks up on the nail.

I’ve also been making more drawings of different ways of setting out the nails, on the walls and the floor and how the thread would then connect to create a barrier.

3.3 (2) 3.3 (4) 3.3 (6) 3.3 (9) 3.3 (15) 3.3 (16) 3.3 (21) 3.3 (24)

This work is influenced by Susie MacMurray’s installation at Kedelston Hall (National Trust Project)


016 018 019 020 021 024



After visiting Penrhyn Castle, I had to check this artist out:-

Susie Macmurray – gold thread project for the National Trust

Trust New Art: ‘Promenande’, by Susie MacMurray

Promenade is an exhibition by Susie MacMurray at the spectacular National Trust property, Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire. She created a maze of gold thread that was wound through the neoclassical columns in the main hall. This is one of the first Trust New Art films i made where I documented the installation process and created the soundscape. The film was displayed alongside the exhibition and used for interpretation and promotion of the exhibition. This film helped build the momentum behind the Trust New Art brand and help artdocs become the main provider for the Trust New Art films.

Trust New Art is a three-year programme of contemporary art taking place at selected National Trust historic houses, countryside and garden properties across England. It is supported by a partnership between National Trust and Arts Council England, which aims to connect more people to National Trust sites through contemporary art, while diversifying the audience for art.



Today I visited the Llanberis Slate Museum, and in particular the Mortuary which is a small building near the Slate Quarry Hospital.  The hospital was infact closed as this time of year, but I could see the old hospital ward, with the same kind of beds as what I have seen previously,  along with all the old medical implements which would have been used to help with injuries to the workers working in the quarry.  The Mortuary building was accessible.  It was very stark with two slate slabs on brick stands, it was obvious that the space had had an overhaul.  On each end of the slate slabs were four holes drilled through used possible to drain off blood.  These slabs now hold evidence of a different generation, engraved with names and initials or even “I love …” the space has obviously been used as a place of congregation by teenagers, juxtaposing the overall feeling of the building.

030               033  040            047





From the bed base photograph I’ve tried to work out how it was all constructed, to begin with I made some drawing , which this one was the most similar I think.

I went to the Spring Conference meeting at Penrhyn Castle, today and saw a photograph of work done by an artist in one of the other National Trust houses, it was in a large marble hall which had marble pillars running down the left and right hand sides of the space.  The artist had used   9 miles of gold thread to fill the space wrapping around the pillars, this caused a mirage of golden light which the audience had to follow the path of the thread to walk from one end of the hall to the other.  It was said that someone was found lying on the floor, watching the daylight throw the golden hue in different directions.

I don’t have gold thread, but I started playing with the form and some blue and white wool to emulate the bed base.

001 I mistakenly made hexagonal forms with little pin nails to begin with and just wrapped the wool around each pin to create the form; but then realised the bed bases were made running the metal strings up and down the frame and then to cause tension and strength tied each strap at equal distances.  In order to differentiate between each strap I used one run in blue and the other in white, which has a great effect on the white wall. While the blue stands out as a clean line, the white string is not so easily distinguishable, which could be viewed as a light pencil drawing underneath or a shadow of the blue.

008 009 010 011006



10.2 (4)

Saw this on the road today, had to stop and take a photo.  I don’t know why, but I cant resist photographing this type of barrier.  Its something I always used to see in Rhosgadfan, where I grew up.  There would be bed bases or bed heads and feet anything to stop the sheep from breaching the walls.  I wonder whose bed was it, what might have happened to that person who used to sleep in it.   Was it a child who grew up, left home…… was it someone who just grew old and died in it….  who ever it was I find it sad that the bed has now become a barrier, psychologically beds could be construed as a barrier in this context.


Waw! So here I go, last module on my Fine Art degree course!

Need to write a proposal first – so ……

“Based on previous research into site-responsive work, I propose to create for Neg 2 a piece of work that re-visits the theme of ‘barriers’.  The context will include personal experience, as well as other social and cultural challanges or ‘barriers’.  The work will need to reflect my practice of creating structures which will have an everyday recognition, or mundaneness.  I am interested in looking at historical, landscape and architectural references in creating the work, but which will also correspond to contemporary issues.  The work will also have various elements, such as video/projection, sculptural, found objects and print-work and photography.”

Drawings 30.1.15


029 030 031 032 033 034


I tried to be as free flowing as possible in doing these drawings, just thinking about what I know and what I have seen and liked such as the Louise Bourgeois’ insomnia drawings on knitting.


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