haus of helfa 2014

In this page, I have kept a record of all the events and shows that I have been involved in since September 2014.

1)  Assistant/shadowing artist at Haus of Helfa, Llandudno (+ invigilating James Riley show, for a private gallery at the Llandudno Llawn#2 weekend)

2)  Conference Room Project, Group Show at Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, October 2014

3)  Took part in a Pecha Kucha nights, held by Manon Awst and Benjamin Walther at Segontium, Caernarfon, 2014

4)  Grymuso/Empower, national group show for Women’s International Day, Bocs, Caernarfon, April 2015

5)  Group residency at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor, for the National Trust, May 2015.

6)  At the moment I am preparing for the group Degree Show at college, ‘Substens’.  I am taking an active role in the preparation of this show, my main duties have been to instigate group meetings, treasurer and arranging the vinyl names of each artist showing. The show will then move to Bangor Museum during July, 2015.

7)  I have also been asked to run the Owain Glyndwr workshops at the Galeri, Caernarfon during September 2015.  I was a volunteer helper during the 2013 workshops, and was approached this year to run them on behalf of their resident artist who is off on maternity leave.  I am really looking forwards to activity which will involve preparation (sourcing materials, research, meetings etc), a set up day, and five day workshops with five different groups of school children.

Owain Glyndwr e mails

I realise that if I am to continue working with children/vulnerable people I will need to obtain a C.R.B check.

In this instance the Galeri have prepared a risk assessment.

8)  Also in September this year I will be visiting the Venice Biennale and the Whitworth Gallery at Manchester as ongoing research and developmental practice.

9)  I have received information from Emlyn Williams, the Business Planning officer for Coleg Menai, in regards to starting up a consortium/co-operative of artists occupying empty spaces locally.

Email to Emlyn re creative futures

What your business plan should include

Constitution from Emlyn

10)  I recently enlisted for a course in professional photography – unfortunately this did not continue due to lack of numbers, but will be available again in the future to re-apply.

11)  I try to attend as many artists talks as possible, the most recent ones have been Iwan Bala at the Galeri, Simon Fenoulhet at the Galeri, and Sean Edwards at the Mostyn.  I will continue to attend these talks in order to continue developing my knowledge.


12) C.V.:

Rita Ann Jones                                                                                Email:

Gwynedd, North Wales                                                                                   Phone: 07748786617

Artist C.V.

Site specific artist who responds to site through sculpture, structures, photography, prints, video projection and plaster casts.


  • Fine Art, B.A. Degree, 2015
  • Determined, creative and dedicated individual
  • Experience in video editing
  • Experience in various printing methods
  • Experienced in working with others with good communicating skills


Coleg Menai, (Glyndwr University), Bangor

  • Degree in Fine Art


  • Welsh
  • English


End of year Group Show, 2012

College Student Representative, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

North Wales Potters Student Representative, 2013, 2014 (including translation work

Festival Assistant at International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth, 2013

‘Sbectrwm’ Group Show 2014

Assistant at ‘Material Matters’, Bangor Museum, 2014 

Art Day Work Experience at Rhosgadfan Primary School, 2014  

Shadowing/Assistant Artist at Haus of Helfa, Llandudno, 2014  

Conference Room Group Show, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, 2014

Grymuso/Empower Group Show, Bocs, Caernarfon,2015  

‘Absence & Presence’, Art In The Keep, Penrhyn Castle Group Show, 2015

‘Substens’, Group Degree Show 2015

 Future Work

‘Substence’ at Bangor Museum, July 2015

Assistant at International Ceramics Festival, July 2015

Assistant at Haus of Helfa, September 2015

Owain Glyndwr Workshops, September 2015

Responsibilities include:

  • selecting and assembling equipment
  • attend meetings and discussing work with other agencies, such as Arts Coordinator, Head Teachers/ Teachers etc.
  • Prepare records, such as costings, public liability, CRB checks, risk assessments
  • Analyze the procedures and assess them to come up with better solutions
  • Ensure I maintain experience and developmental knowledge of the art scene, by attending artists talks, gallery openings, exhibitions and biennales.


5 yr Plan in Creative Futures

Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Dow 2

Website Created today Yay!!!:-

Moo Cards and Postcards Ordered today:-  Yay!!!! delivery 6.5.15

5 yr Plan in Creative Futures

Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Dow 2

Website Created today Yay!!!:-

Moo Cards and Postcards Ordered today:-  Yay!!!! delivery 6.5.15

 PENRHYN CASTLE: 1st(Open Day); residency – 9th, 16th and 23rd March, 2015


Penrhyn Castle, The Keep, 2015



Photos sent to me by Richard Pennington after my attendance at the Volunteers Spring Meeting at Penrhyn Castle, in February.  It was a good thing I got these photos from Richard, as on the other occasions when I visited the castle it was not possible to visit the roof void.


Roof Void:-

framework above grand hall



1st March, 2015

On St David’s Day this year, I visited Penrhyn Castle, Bangor, on the National Trust’s ‘free’ entry pass.  I will be starting a project here in the next few weeks, and as with all old halls and folly castles this place took me totally by surprise.  I had never visited inside the castle before, and was pleasantly amazed by the architecture of Thomas Hopper in 1820-32, for the owner at the time George Hay Dawkins-Pennant.  The site dates back to medieval times, with strong Welsh historical connections with Ednyfed Fychan (d.1246), and fragments of the original castle still exists within the present building.

Research photographs of what captured my eye:

001 002 003 077 078 117 231

On the 9th March, 2015, we visited as a group from Coleg Menai, and were allowed to visit the Keep, which is the main square tower, pictured above, and the area which was last occupied as a home by the ‘Pennant’ family.  The National Trust took over most of the estate and castle in 1951.  The Keep, has remained as a work in progress for quite a few years, with some structural damage caused internally by a leak in the roof, leaving many areas without plaster and exposed brick walls and roof spaces.  This is the only evidence really that it is a fairly ‘modern’ building.

Penrhyn Castle 16 (7) Penrhyn Castle 16 (36) Penrhyn Castle 16 (41) Penrhyn Castle 16 (59) Penrhyn Castle 16 (69) Penrhyn Castle 16 (135) Penrhyn Castle 16.3 (5) Penrhyn Castle 16.3 (12) Penrhyn Castle 16.3 (15)


23rd March, 2015 – Working on Site

After another visit to the Keep on the 16th, I was fairly prepared with what I wanted to do in the site.  I was drawn mostly by the ‘Ysgoldy’ (school room) as an actual site.  I imagined the children of Lord Penrhyn – a total of 15 I believe between two marriages, being taught by their Nannies or Governesses, about how to be Lords and Ladies of the future; and I wondered whether they were ever taught about the horrors of the slave trade and sugar plantations of Jamaica which gave them their wealth.  Also the hardship of the local people of Bethesda and surrounding areas, who worked in Penrhyn Quarry and the rented farms which belonged to their parents.  I used the bookshelves which were still in situ, and placed 15 ‘silver’ spoons with a heap of Molasses on them in a line; and on the shelf above placed three roof slates to stand up resting against the wall, with the words MOLASSES and SIGWR chalked onto them.  My intention was to make a link with children, as they might have used slates to write on in the 1800’s, plus the old idiom “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”.

In the same room, on the fire place mantle,  I made a ‘house of cards’ type structure out of sugar cubes and placed a glass dome over them.  Making reference again to the children, and the passage of time.

Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (22)

Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (2)   Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (10)

In a smaller room on the next floor up which has had a lot of structural damage caused to it, all the plaster has been hacked off the walls, exposing the brickwork and the metal hooks they used to hold the wooden battens in place.  I used these hooks to work in the space with various coloured ribbon and string, breaking the whole area up, but also making it impossible to walk into the room.

Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (33)  Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (1)

Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (34) Penrhyn Castle 23.3 (36)


Catalogue file sent by Sian of our degree show:

Degree show Catalouge v.1


Grymuso, Bocs, Caernarfon 2015

18.2.15 – Pleased to see this on facebook today!

This is my space I believe!

Bocs 4.3 (2)

4.3.15- Set up work and BOCS


Bocs 4.3 (1)Bocs 4.3 (3) Bocs 4.3 (4)

‘Barriers’, 2015

Plastic bags, plaster, video projection


Flight, 2015

Etching Print

Everything set up on time for the Opening Night.  Good turn out for the show with a great performance piece by Rhys Timble; light refreshment and some impromptu music and ‘words’.

Bocs International Womens Day Openning Night 6.3 (39)Bocs International Womens Day Openning Night 6.3 (25) Bocs International Womens Day Openning Night 6.3 (31) Bocs International Womens Day Openning Night 6.3 (35)

5 yr Plan in Creative Futures

For Creative Futures 3 – I have completed the 5 yr plan form.  I now need to research and record on my blog.




 Llandudno Llawn #2 & Helfa Gelf, 2014

LLawn and Haus of Helfa (1)  LLAWN #2 – (Llandudno Arts Weekend)

I worked as an Assistant for Pea Restall, an artist who was showing a collaborative piece with Neil Coombs, at the Haus of Helfa, Llandudno, which was part of the 2014 Helfa Gelf, but which coincided its official opening with the LLAWN#2 for this year.

Haus of Helfa is the old Social Club for the Royal Airforce, which was also know as Tedder House. The house is in a state of undergoing some serious gutting out and modernising by the Mostyn Estate.  It was a beautiful setting for the exhibition which consisted of thirteen artists showing twelve projects: Emrys Williams, Wendy Dawson, Angela Davies, Helen Jones, Dion Hamer, Mark Eaglen, James Riley, Lisa Carter, Pea Restall and Neil Coombs, Gareth Griffith, Morgan Griffith,  and Alan Whitfield.

Pea Restall (57)  This is the piece I helped to build.  The piece was called Dark Space, which related to Pea’s childhood.  The structure was formed using a recycled canopy frame, playpen, fabric, plastic ties and some sticks and branches .  We used a mixture of straw, shredded paper, shredded fabric and recycled clay for the cob, and included some items from her home, such as children’s toys and household items.  Once the structure was built items such as syringes and chip forks, and words written on lengths of brown paper were woven into the gaps in the cob.  There were also about five recycled ceramic plates with images of food and the artists eye transferred onto the surface of the plate, and small ceramic doll arms, glazed in majolica with blue words.   The room was then blackened out and Neil Coombs had produced a sound and video projection onto the piece.  The sound consisted of Pea talking about her childhood, but her voice and speech were distorted, and the projection was of inside a dolls house and flames of fire.  This projection in turn produced fantastic shadows and images onto the blacked out windows, especially the doll arms.    The audiences responded well to this piece, children and adults alike, but their reaction was very different.

As well as being involved in this project, it was great to see the Haus come alive with other artists and their work.  The house was empty when Pea and I started this construction due to the amount of work involved.  In the room next to ours was Gareth Griffith, and it was fascinating to watch him come in over a period of two weeks and arrange his work in the space.  Things were being moved from day to day until he was happy with the layout.  I enjoyed watching that process of an artist at work as much as being involved.

During the Llawn #2 weekend, I also did my duties as invigilator at Emrys Williams’ gallery, for the James Riley show.

LLawn and Haus of Helfa (111) LLawn and Haus of Helfa (112)



October 2014


We have been asked to provide Mostyn Gallery with a display of our work in their conference room.  I have researched the work of Lewis Carroll for this, because the room reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, and there are many wooden sculptures from the novel around Llandudno, with Alice herself virtually across the road from the Mostyn.  I read his poem “All in the golden afternoon”, and feel that this print work I have done fits into that theme.

Carroll is believed to have based his novel, and this poem on time he spent with three sisters, Lorina, Alice and Edith Liddell, referred to in the poem as Prima, Secunda, and Tertia – hence the title for my print.



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